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Sumaiya Khatun
Apr 20, 2022
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Marketing costs do not only consist of Telemarketing Lists advertising costs, but also consultancy costs. Finally, you want to improve your marketing results in the short and longer term. My advice is to also include the consultancy costs of your agency or consultant. This gives you a realistic picture of your costs per marketing channel. Step 2. Measure Telemarketing Lists your marketing goals In addition to your costs, your marketing goals are of course crucial for determining success. You cannot determine its success without marketing goals. How do you determine your marketing goals? First of all, start by mapping out your results goals . These are goals that Telemarketing Lists directly or indirectly contribute to achieving your marketing objectives. Examples of result goals are: Webs hops: orders Lead Generation: Requests Platforms. Buy or Sell Content: paid subscribers or Telemarketing Lists ad revenue The representation below shows results goals in practice: Screenshot of result goals in Google Analytics. In this case I have opted for two result objectives. Why? To measure Telemarketing Lists results goals that have a direct and indirect impact on the marketing results. Not every marketing channel converts in 1 or 2 visits, or 30 days. With one marketing channel you focus on the buying phase and with Telemarketing Lists another on the orientation or comparison phase. Is there a maximum of result goals that you can use? You can measure a maximum of 20 goals Telemarketing Lists in Google Analytics But now seriously: start with a maximum of three result goals. Determine these in advance and measure them in Google Analytics as a target. In short: think carefully beforehand about which marketing goals are a success indicator! Step 3. Use Marketing Goals Now we have Telemarketing Lists marketing costs and result goals. What else do we need to determine the success of the marketing channels? Concrete goals! A result goal without an objective has little value. This way you keep having discussions about whether the marketing campaign was successful or not. For example with Telemarketing Lists your agency or freelance consultant.

Sumaiya Khatun

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