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Sumaiya Khatun
Aug 02, 2022
In General Discussions
For customer D, we will leave Performance Max active, but with a lower daily budget so that the average CPL over the Google Ads costs remains good. At the 3 web shops we are now increasing the daily budgets a bit and we are keeping a close eye on the performance. For webs hops, we have placed Performance Max next to Google Shopping and Smart Shopping, because both campaign types work with a data feed and smart bidding (either target ROAS or via Smart Bidding). For the website that focuses on customer appointments, we have placed Performance Max next to the text advertising campaigns. Even with a perfectly developed data feed and a good campaign set-up, we did not always achieve a good ROI for the first web shop (Customer A). Performance Max will wipe the Shopping campaigns off the table within a few days. We are therefore very curious about the further results after 'learning' by Google. Two web shops have really doubled job function email list the ROI and the second web shops 'only' have an increase of 22%. Stealing on brand name traffic? For now, we see no signs that Performance Max is stealing brand name traffic: One of the webs hops has almost no traffic by brand name and the sales that have come out of it have been realized by Performance Max. At another web shop, which does have a lot of brand name traffic, we see no decrease in brand name impressions, clicks and turnover. Search terms are not transparent, but we do see the landing pages. This is rarely the homepage and usually a 'deeper' product page. Performance Max gets more impressions. Much more is used on Display and Video, which means that there are many more impressions. As mentioned, Performance Max itself extends traffic to YouTube. If you don't have a video, it will be made for you. What does Performance Max mean for SEA?
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Sumaiya Khatun

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