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sonali afrin
Apr 12, 2022
In General Discussions
Editor's introduction: The Industrial Internet is an Internet ecology and form formed by reshaping and transforming the industrial chain and internal value chain of various vertical industries based on Internet technology and ecology. The industrial Internet is buy email list the further development and deepening of the consumer Internet, and it will once again change the way of life and development of human society. Next, the author of this article analyzes the ultimate meaning of the industrial Internet for us. There is a phenomenon that starts to appear more and more. However, there is an essential difference between the combination of the virtual economy and the real economy that is taking place now and the combination buy email list of the virtual economy and the real economy in the Internet age. In the Internet era, the combination of virtual economy and real economy is achieved through the platform model. The so-called platform model is actually to achieve efficient matching and docking through the concentration and arrangement of resources. Now, the combination of virtual economy and real economy is realized through a brand-new form, followed by the application of virtual buy email list economy in real economy. The application of virtual economy elements such as big data and artificial intelligence in the real economy such as manufacturing and logistics is a direct manifestation of this phenomenon. The technology giants represented by Ali, and Pinduoduo have begun the real exploration of the application of virtual economy in the real economy.

sonali afrin

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