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Md. Asaduzzaman
Apr 12, 2022
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Meet Elizabeth. She is one of your many visitors who visit your online store daily. She likes the design of your site. She even likes your products. "It's so beautiful," she says, even showing it off to a friend while browsing. But… she doesn't buy anything . A real tragedy for any e-commerce store owner, and most of us suffer too often, whether we know it or not. Elizabeth decides to take her wallet elsewhere for a number of reasons. Maybe she doesn't like your products so much after all. Or maybe it's not the right time to buy for her, because her budget is a little tight this month. Anyway, visitors like Elizabeth may like, or even like, the design of your online store, but that doesn't necessarily translate into sales? Why not? The key is that you need to employee email database have a store design that not only looks good, but converts . Every element of your site should end up in the shopping cart ( ca-ching! ). Even if you've purchased a fancy model from a top-tier company, you don't want to sit idly by and depend on it. You need to know which elements drive conversions and which don't, and use that knowledge to maximize your success. Take control of your store design and you will control your revenue . Let’s see how to design an eCommerce store for maximum conversions…Contents Bring your products to life with magnetic images Present your brand with the photography of your productsDescribe your products with passion Help them cross the puddle. Design your eCommerce store for high conversions Bring your products to life with magnetic images Have you ever bought a pair of shoes, and when handing your credit card to the cashier, you felt a strange sense of satisfaction? It's weird because you're not doing something enjoyable per se, like playing with your dog or eating a bagel; you give your money to someone else. Why this happens isn't as important as the simple fact that shopping is enjoyable. In the United States alone, an estimated two-thirds of gross domestic product comes from retail consumption. Literally, much of the world's greatest economy comes from people buying stuff . People enjoy shopping so much that more than a third of adults said shopping makes them feel better than working out.
Md. Asaduzzaman
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