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Aug 02, 2022
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The Frisbee really flew into the homes of ordinary families, and people from all walks of life scrambled to experience the "happiness of being a dog". Even in the urban-rural junction of Hard Candy, there are people playing Frisbee in the community square, and they like to mention that the grid guards call and complain. It is estimated that the next step will be to compete with the square dance aunt. It is said that a child is not a fish, and the joy of a fish is known. But people who don't know the joy of Frisbee have to figure out where the joy is, so misunderstandings and even stigma follow. For those girls on Douyin who posted photos of their Frisbee, the comment area will soon be occupied by the word "Panyuan", and men who play Frisbee will also be tagged as "licking dogs". Image provided by respondents There are also true or false "high-end frisbee bureau" and "frisbee blind date bureau" to fuel the flames. Those who do not participate are filled with righteous indignation, and those who want to b2b data participate are working hard. Could it be that playing Frisbee is really the last chance for Hard Candy to achieve a class transition? (not) However, it is disappointing under closer inspection. It is not so much that someone is using "frisbee love" to tell a story - a business story. 1. All beings in the Frisbee Bureau Men are required to have assets of more than 50 million yuan to be eligible to sign up, and they need to pay an admission fee of 6,000 yuan, while women only need to be beautiful and beautiful. "Isn't this a pimp game?" The crowd was indignant, and the organizer apologized, saying that he had no malicious intentions, but was misunderstood by the outside world. Coincidentally, another "Beijing Frisbee Hundred People Friendship Field" requires applicants to meet at least one of the eight requirements, including Jinghu Jingfang, annual income of 500,000, ID card of 110, graduation from a prestigious school, real estate of 8 million, good looks, and talent. Fortunately, this registration fee is not so exaggerated, 128 yuan for gender equality.
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Village live Fun & entertainment

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