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Apr 12, 2022
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I think he was thinking of his whatsapp phone number list daughter, in his grandchildren and he would say: 'This one, as a psychiatrist, what future does he have?' With the concern of a father, he quietly led me without me noticing, towards whatsapp phone number list business activity », he assured in the bookThose Who Leave a Mark: 20 Business Success Stories . Gold proposed to his daughter and son-in-law to place the active ingredients he whatsapp phone number list was developing on the European market. A drug is made up of two types of substance. We the excipients, which help whatsapp phone number list absorption but do not cause medicinal effects, and the active ingredients or API (active pharmaceutical ingredients), which are what allow to prevent, treat or cure. In 1977, Sigman and whatsapp phone number list Silvia Gold founded Chemo, the Spanish company dedicated to the commercialization of APIs. In 1984 they moved into production and acquired Industriale Chimica, a small factory in Italy. The pharmaceutical market was not friendly, but Sigman was confident in its non-business whatsapp phone number list approach: "We differed from the others because the traditional brokers were traders without scientific training. We I was excited about the idea whatsapp phone number list of ​​getting ahead of strictly commercial practices and trying to see with products that might be needed on the market years in advance. However, Sigman's business luck knows other causes. One is the patronage of Gold, who lent them his prestige and pharmaceutical contacts in Europe and South America. Some went beyond the iron curtain: Gold's ties to the PCA gave Sigman access whatsapp phone number list to laboratories in Cuba, China and the Soviet Union. Another reason is related by Sigman himself: «Until 1978 Italy did not have a patent law. At that time, Italy was the world's largest whatsapp phone number list supplier of raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry When Italy implemented the.
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