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Babu Islam
Jun 11, 2022
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Through the above process, according to the Whatsapp Mobile Number List problem when the user does not use the function, propose a solution (the solution includes this function and other solutions) option 1: floating window option 2: mark unread and Whatsapp Mobile Number List automatically stick to the top in the message list (5) evaluate solutions, which can be considered in terms of development difficulty & effects. The development of the second solution is more difficult; in terms of effect, the information flow of chatting with users is mixed up, which is more chaotic. Compared with scheme. Case study: list out what you think the jd Whatsapp Mobile Number List app is not good and propose solutions. (the bad part of app can be started from many aspects, such as interaction design, use process, function, etc. We can choose to start Whatsapp Mobile Number List from the function, that is, according to the thinking process analysis of the function analysis topic. Of course, we can also start from the idea of ​​​​product design , this case is to practice everyone starting from the perspective of functional analysis, here i directly give the functions that i want to add ) solution: add the screening function. The function of this function: it helps users to directly Whatsapp Mobile Number List filter out the products that can be delivered the next day, reducing the time cost of users. 2) target users of this function, usage scenarios: target users: users who need Whatsapp Mobile Number List fast delivery by jd logistics usage scenario: when a user urgently needs to buy a product (such as the next day), he can directly filter out the desired delivery time. 3) use the process the user's operation flow without this function: the user's operation process after adding this function: it can be seen from the comparison.
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Babu Islam

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